Complete Mobile Security
Complete secure communications for organizations' remote users, off-shore locations, and primary offices anywhere at anytime. These solutions ensure that sensitive information is safe in transmission from eavesdropping attacks and illegal monitoring. Our encryption products are state-of-the-art...
Satellite Messenger Terminal
Your best choice for a truly portable high-speed data terminal. It is a unique tool for fast world-wide communication. The 64 kbps bandwidth of the PGF-Satellite Messenger Terminal and the Euro ISDN interface makes it possible to browse on the Internet, connect to your Local or Wide Area Network...
Global Attaché Telephone
This device gives you true independent and global inter-connection to any destination in the world. It handles both high quality telephone calls, fax prints, data transfer or e-mail messages.  The TT-3060A will fulfill all your portable and fixed needs for a mobile telephone, extending your...
Global Satellite Mobile Telephone
This turns your vehicle into a highly advanced communication center and gives you true global and independent high quality voice, fax or data connections to any destination in the world within a matter of seconds. It extends your mobility from "GSM" coverage to true global coverage...
Wireless In-Ear Cellular Communicator
This invisible Micro Ear Piece is the cordless alternative to the standard wired earpiece. This earpiece cordlessly and virtually invisibly fits into the ear. It ensures completely covert reception that delivers a silent pick up from anytransmitter and cellular phone. This enables you to listen to...
Cellular Encryption Digital Card
When connected to data capable Digital Cellular telephones or Satellite telephones this device provides a high-grade secure voice and data encryption.flexible, diverse, portable and easy to use design forwith a need to have theirand private communications to be...
GSS Long Range Radios
Do not let the small size of this Radio deceive you, it is definitely the jewel of the two way radios that way outperforms anything else that is available on the market.  It has 99 discrete channels that are programmable, Switchable High/Low (5W/1W) output, Monitor function, VOX function...
Business Data Protection Specialist
We render effective, efficient and optimized information System Security Solutions to protect Systems, Network components, Endpoints, Web, Mail, Data and Security Management. Our services start from design, implementations, deployment and management of Information System...
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