Counter Surveillance
Complete Mobile Security
Complete secure communications for organizations' remote users, off-shore locations, and primary offices anywhere at anytime. These solutions ensure that sensitive information is safe in transmission from eavesdropping attacks and illegal monitoring. Our encryption products are state-of-the-art...
  High Security Encryption
For  Blackberries, Mobile Devices & Personal Computers
Now we can provide easy to use U.S. government grade encryption and authentication for mobile devices and personal computers. Our unique features deliver the highest level of security for voice, chat and file...
The Encryptor
Protection against phone tapping and eavesdropping. Provides total voice security. No government regulation. Global uses on all types of  - Cell phones : GSM, CDMA, etc. - Wired land line phones - Voice over IP phones. The World’s First Variable Synthesis Encryption technology...
GSS100 Fax Encryptor
The GSS100 Fax Encryptor module uses one of the latest military scrambling methods to protect your conversations and Fax transmittal from illegal, high-tech eavesdropping. It simply just plugs in between the telephone set or a Fax machine and it uses the power....
Cellular Encryption Digital Card
When connected to data capable Digital Cellular telephones or Satellite telephones this device provides a high-grade secure voice and data encryption.flexible, diverse, portable and easy to use design foranyone with a need to have theirpersonal and private...
The Digital Encryptor
Designed to operate using 128-bit keys. Can be configured to use industry standard algorithms such as Triple DES, or an algorithm independently developed by the customer. Offers a high level of security while allowing customers to take full control over all aspects of their encryption...
Cellular Activity Analyzer
Designed to fight cellular-based bugs, the Cellular Activity Analyzer detects active and dormant cellular phones. The CAA device is based on a modified handheld computer, used to monitor and detect all cellular communication activity in a given area (such as an office or yard)...
Telephone Bug De-activator
Our new Telephone Bug De-Activator uses advanced counter-measures technology to provide complete protection of any telephone line. It can be installed permanently, in a matter of minutes, to any telephone lineworldwide. The De-Activator defeats not only...
Professional Telephone and Line Analyzer
The NEW Telephone and Line Analyzer provides a complete integrated suite of tools to analyze, inspect, and test digital telephone lines (and other wiring) for taps and other eavesdropping devices. The Telephone and Line Analyzer incorporates several types of telephone line tests
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